How to get Google Android running on a HTC Mogul (aka Titan, PPC-6800).

Last update – 23.03.2009

To run Android on your’s Mogul you need:
1) Unzip this package to the root of SD Card (you should not replace data.img if you want to keep your settings)
2) Start “haret.exe” and press “Run”

1) If you get errors while unpacking system.img or data.img – then unpack them by hand, rename if needed, and then run
2) Key mapping:
* D-Pad – Enter
* Win – Menu
* Ok – Enter
* Left softkey – Back
* Right softkey – Enter
* Voice Commander – Home
* Side Ok – Back
* Power – Volume Up
* Comm Manager – Volume Down
* Camera – Escape
* Wheel press – Enter
* Wheek scroll – up/down
* Email – switch to console
* Internet – switch to GUI

* Voice calls – fully works
* SMS – should work, I have not tested it
* Keyboard – fully works
* Front keys – works partially (D-pad direction is not detected)
* Power saving – power collapse works fine, hovewer panel if not turned off (need to find correct mddi data, if trying Vogue’s – panel cannot be turned on after sleep)
* Internet – works ok, hovewer connection need to be restarted manually if disconnected
* Battery meter and charging – works ok, but not well calibrated (gives me 97% while phone is fully charged)
* Touch screen – works ok
* Sound – works ok
* WiFi – does not work
* BlueTooch – does not work
* IrDa – does not work
* Camera – does not work
* GPS – does not work

* Hold Home button to show recent tasks
* Use Togga application to turn internet on/off, it is in data.img. You can also get if from
* To install an application, put it into AndroidApps (letter case matters!) forder on a root of SD Card.

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full package: is here ()

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