A new package just uploaded.
– finally fully working touchscreen
– ability to use swap file – just create swap.img on sd card and execute mkswap on it
– other changes by dzo:
– working backlight control
– headphones support (but no on-the-fly switching, only at sound start)
– many other things
Download at a project page

14 Responses to “Android update”

  1. dhergert says:

    Hi, very nice job, many thanks…

    (I’m using a Verizon (USA) Titan upgraded to Verizon’s WM6.1 (w/bundled radio upgrade) with the expanded battery.)

    Screen control is extremely improved as is the sizing of display items.

    I’ll try the swap file on my SD card, sort of new at it so I may report back with questions. I’m guessing I’ll just “touch swap.img” in the root directory on the SD card and then run mkswap. Do I need to know any parameters for mkswap?

    I love that vi is now on the box, missed that before. vi and I go way back.

    The one thing I’ve had a bit more trouble with this version is the internet connection, it seems I need a better connection more with this version than I did with last version. Any (relatively simple-minded) tweaks that might improve this?

    I’m still using WM6.1 much of the time, mostly because in USA we cannot touch the phone while driving so bluetooth is pretty important. Wireless, camera, infrared and GPS are nice added features, but not absolutely necessary for day-to-day use.

    Anyway, again thanks for making this much improved upgrade available. You and everyone else deserve huge congratulations for getting this done.


    — Don

  2. dhergert says:

    Well, asked and answered about the swap file. The dd command creates it. Then mkswap invokes it. Very nice.

    I created a .5GB swap file. No significant space issue, I’m using a 16GB msd card and still have about 7GB free. This swap file might be too big though; I can’t say Android runs any faster, but it does run better.

    Among other things, having the swap file corrects something on my phone, now I can successfully shutdown Android and it will boot WM6.1; before I had to press the reset button while Android was quiescent.

    Getting a phone connection good enough to connect to the Internet is still an issue, but most of the time I can eventualy connect, and once connected it does seem to stay connected well.

    Again thanks to all involved. I’m just about ready to start running Android/Titan for longer periods. It’s more than a demo now.

  3. Magister says:

    Regarding internet connection – no, nothing can be done, at least for now. Nothing really depends on Android, because most of actual work is done by phone’s radio. Android only sends commands and reads response, nothing more.
    So connection quality should be the same in all Android versions and Windows Mobile.

  4. dhergert says:

    Thanks, Magister.

    I think the connection issue may be more one of being impatient on my part. I tend to rush the system into being online right after booting and sometimes there is still work being done in the background. If I wait a few minutes and tinker with other things, I usually can connect right away.

    One setting that may be helping is setting “Max 4 App Processes” in Development Settings (instead of the default of “No App Process Limit”). I seem to get better response this way and tend to be less impatient.

    Btw, regarding having to use Bluetooth while driving, I’ve just reviewed the California DMV laws regarding “wireless communication devices” and operating a motor vehicle (I’m pretty sure other states are similar). The law considers the “Speaker” feature as ok, just as hands free as using Bluetooth earpieces. So there is no legal reason not to use Android/Titan for phone conversations while driving. (Interestingly, texting is prohibited, while looking up a phone number and dialing is not. If you are under 18, any wireless device use is prohibited while driving.)

    Thanks again!

  5. dhergert says:

    P.S. Just noticed a couple of hours ago, my clock doesn’t pick up the time properly. Date seems to work and minutes are correct, so it is probably a time zone issue. WM6.1 is correct for both date and time. I’ve visited the settings and have tried setting them (at different times)both for manual and automatic settings. Doesn’t help. Any thoughts?

    Also, have noticed that the setting for “Max 4 App Processes” mentioned above does not survive a re-boot. I’m guessing this also happens with the development G1 phones, is that correct?

  6. linuxjet says:

    Great job on the titan porting.
    Any possible chance of getting your config settings for building?

  7. Magister says:

    Well, you can download source code from git and use htctitan_defconfig (it differs from vogue’s – I enabled mppe compression, some encodings etc), however there is an older touchscreen driver.
    For now there is an unfinished usb work by dzo, so I’m waiting for him to finish it and then I will push my latest fixes.

  8. Magister says:

    dhergert, I’m ok with manual settings. Maybe you should try to play with a time zone?

    As for App limit – yes, those settings are not saved. But they are not for regular use, so I think its not an error, but a feature 🙂
    No idea how to save them.

  9. dhergert says:

    Hi Magister, actually, I read the Martin Johnson Vogue blog (should have done so before questioning about the clock) and he indicates the issue there — the clock works, but defaults to GMT, even if the time zone is set manually.

    So, that’s fine, the clock limitation is just a feature. Just like App Limit. For me, if I know about it, I can live with it. Having Android running as well as it does on the Titan is pretty amazing.

    Btw, while the swap file works nicely, it slows down the system noticably, so after playing with it for a few days, I’ve disabled my swap. It’s probably a speed limitation that comes from the sdcard flash memory access speed. I think it’s really cool that it works though and may play around with it again at a later date.

    All and all, I’m very impressed. This is a very nice port and I’m using it more and more. Thanks again!

  10. Magister says:

    Well, swap file slows down system but give’s some more “room to play”, without it Android sometimes hangs for me.
    And it’s impossible to use version 1.1 or cupcake, because of a too little memory. So, I think this was the last Android build, I’ll focus on Qtopia for now.

  11. dhergert says:

    Understood… Thanks again for all the hard work!

  12. linuxjet says:

    Building seems to be working now with the htctitan_defconfig settings. thx for that.
    However building or working with current Android source code build are failing. Do you have any special includes or projects in you local_manifest.xml when building?

  13. Magister says:

    No, I have no any includes etc.
    Fnd more – I compiled Android only once, an 1.0 branch just to get some files to make Android work on Titan.
    Newer Android versions will run very slow on Titan, as it has only 64Mb RAM, so I do not think it makes sense.

  14. neorayzor says:

    Hi Magister,

    Im using the last version of your Android package. Everything works fine, but the sound. It said that the radio is old, and the system need to be disable.

    I bought this phone last year.

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