SE db2020 Image Tool. Replace system graphics of Sony Ericsson phones.

This software allows to replace system graphics of Sony Ericsson phones built on db2020 platform.
Short guide:

– download firmware of the same version, as in yours phone
– unpack it (if needed) and open in this software
– from the images list select image which you want to replace
– press “Replace” button
– find on your PC and open a replacement image
– repeat theese steps for all images You want to change
– press “Make .vkp” button
– save generated patch and flash it with JDFlasher or SETool2 lite
– using “Save to disk” button you can save selected image to PC

Download link: SE db2020 Image Tool ()

Version 2.04 (07.04.2008) (5601 downloads at this moment):
– fixed a rare problem when replacing alreade replaced images (thanks to timos_06)
– added reading of image names (thanks to den_po and svansvan)
– better look with some skins
-small changes and fixes

Version 2.03 (10.02.2008):
– fixed free blocks counter when deleting images
– added possibility to manually change image address (not well tested!)
– added feature to generate a patch to restore all graphics
– added feature to include in patch not only replaced but all graphics
– cosmetical changes

Version 2.02 (29.01.2008):
– fixed possible overlapping of images while replacing
– support for mbn (BABE) format – thanks to INFerno– (also known as se-team).
– added image filter
– added “expert mode”, which shows some additional info
– russian translation (from Blast Pit)

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