So, finally an update.
– better touchscreen
– some keys remapped
– sound volume increased
– fixed wrong arrow keys direction and jog wheel

Download at a project page

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  1. hj000 says:

    I run the haret.exe,but the loading process stopped for the file under SDcard. I think the folder name on my Titan is Storage Card. Is that right?



  2. Magister says:

    Yes, that’s right.
    You should put all files in the Storage Card, like this:
    /Storage Card/haret.exe
    /Storage Card/zImage
    /Storage Card/initrd.gz
    /Storage Card/default.txt
    /Storage Card/system.img
    /Storage Card/data.img (or data.gz)
    Did you put files as I wrote?
    And what is the error message, please specify as much details as you can (including firmware version, radio version).

  3. hj000 says:

    I am sure all 6 files are there. And this time it doesn’t stop but keeps outputting:
    [100.00] android_power: wakeup (0->0) at 800000000 [2009-01-16 13:40:00]
    and never stops

    ROM: 20761 CHS
    radio version: 3.35.04
    hardware version: 0003

  4. Magister says:

    Hm… change:
    in the default.txt
    or update radio to 3.42.50

  5. hj000 says:

    Changing pm.sleep_mode to 3 doesn’t help. And temporarily I don’t want to upgrade radio. Thanks.

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