So, here is my first application for Google Android.
It will import contacts to Android’s address book from a file in VCard format.
Imported fields:
– Name
– All phones
– All emails
– Notes
If contact already exists, it will be deleted and a new contact is created. So don’t use this software for regular synchronization

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10 Responses to “Android VCard import”

  1. This is great. Now that the whole stack got open-sourced, do you think of incorporating this feature into the Contacts application itself?

  2. Magister says:

    I’ll think about it… however is that really needed? Import is actually a one-time operation, you should not do it regularry.
    What is really needed, is synchronization between different devices/programs. As far as I know, there is already a sync application, but I haven’t seen it. If it will feet my needs, then ImportVCard will not be developed anymore.

    btw, I do not use Android for now… my Mogul is almost unsupported 🙁

  3. sflande says:

    I installed the app but cant seem to get it to see the files. I first tried just putting the vcf file on the sd card root but the program can’t find it. I then thought maybe your program was reading the download folder so i downloaded it and it still can’t find it. Do i have to load these vcf files a certain way? Thanks.

  4. sflande says:

    Actually now i figured out how to reference the file. It reads and says it process the contact(s) but then they never show up in my contact list. I even tried rebooting the phone.

  5. Magister says:

    Maybe the problem is that contacts are not added to any group.
    Try to select “All groups” or something similar in address book.

  6. qhjmnascbe says:

    Despite sflande’s success, I can’t seem to find which path the app expects the vcard to be in. Where is it looking for the file?

    Also, could you release the source to this app? It would make answering questions like this easier.

  7. Magister says:

    Application looks for a file exactly where you want 🙂
    For example, your file is named “contacts.vcf”, and is stored in a root of a card. Then you should enter /sdcard/contacts.vcf and program will find it.

    And about a source… ok, I’ll upload it in a few days (it’s at home).

  8. […] Android VCard permite importar el nombre, teléfono, emails y notas de los contactos desde un fichero en formato VCard. […]

  9. 16aR says:

    Hello !

    Thanks for your application, it imports SonyEricsson C902 vcf backup perfectly. (I had to change every =E8 style accents by utf8 accents though)

    But since it cannot import directly =E8 accents, is it possible for you to publish the source ? We could merge with vcardio project which has other benefits, but doesn’t import sonyericsson vcard so well too … 🙂


  10. Magister says:

    Ok, take it.

    VCard parser is written by myself, and it uses some bad tricks to do the import. So, feel free to improve it.

    Also, it would be nice if you publish changes to my source and post a comment here.

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