Here is a simple module for Prestashop 1.6, which implements restriction on product quantity.

The standard Prestashop’s approach is to enforce minimal quantity, but to allow order anything above it. This module changes that behaviour in a way that customer can only purchase the quantity that is a multiplier of min quantity.

For example, if min. quantity is set to 3 – only following amounts are allowed:
3, 6, 9, 12, …

Download here: product_min_quantity

Canon PIXMA IP1500 photo

If you are a happy owner of Canon PIXMA IP1500 – you probably know that it’s a good and very reliable color printer.

Windows users are happy with fully-functional driver, that’s even included in the latest versions of the OS – so you just plug printer and that’s all, everything works.

But if you are a Linux user – things are not so bright… there is a driver from Canon, but it works only in ancient Linux versions – and no updates are provided.
The good thing that there are source code of the driver – it’s not fully opensource, but the part is, and closed-source libraries are provided.

So I decided to port it to up to date Linux versions in my spare time.
For now I can print, can run servicing functions, but there is a big field to make improvements.

What’s done as for now:

  • Rebased Canon’s USB backend on top of latest CUPS backend
  • Updated build system to work with new autotools
  • Fixed page size handling with some software
  • Fixed compilation with newer libraries – libpng, libxml, libcups etc
  • Fixed CUPS queue handling with default job privacy settings found in new CUPS versions
  • Ported GUI program to GTK2

Todo is:

  • Package for Debian
  • Improve status monitoring
  • Add more options to PPD – such as borderless printing
  • … more to come

All modifications are on my github:

Se Image Tool version 2.50 alpha 3
– fixed reading of db2020/a2 images (was broken while adding db2010 read support)
– fixed loading of patches with multiply directives like +414000
– ability to save new image (which will be included into the patch) – look in an expert mode
– number of image table can be turned off

WARNING! This is ALPHA quality software, so some functions may work not as expected.
You have been warned!

Download from here

So, finally an update.
– better touchscreen
– some keys remapped
– sound volume increased
– fixed wrong arrow keys direction and jog wheel

Download at a project page

So, a new version arrived!


– selection of an output device
– ability to control hardware mixing
– fixed some errors

Download at a project page

So, I added multilanguage features to my site. From now I’ll write using more than one language, however not all posts 🙂

After a long delay updated StealthMS 2
Changelog – at a forum.

Now you can login to my site via OpenID 🙂

So, my Sony Ericsson K800 is now not mine… so projects for Sony Ericsson now will stop.
Instead I’m doing to by a smartphone, so I think soon here will be something for it 🙂